WELCOME to Aberdeenshire and Moray’s Housing Options Page

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, please contact either:

Aberdeenshire Council: 01467 530577 (in office hours) or 03456 081206 (out of hours)

Moray Council: 0300 123 4566 (in office hours) or 03457 565656 (out of hours)

If you previously had an Apply4Homes application, you will be contacted by the landlords to whom you applied directly.

If you do not have a current housing application, you will need to apply to each landlord separately. You can access application forms and other useful information using the links below. If you have any issues, please call for further assistance.

  Contact Number Website Housing Types Areas Covered
Aberdeenshire Council 01467 530577   http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/housingonline Mainstream Sheltered Very Sheltered Aberdeenshire Only
Moray Council 0300 1234566   http://www.moray.gov.uk/housingonline Mainstream Sheltered Moray Only
Osprey Housing 01224 548000   https://www.ospreyhousing.org.uk/
Mainstream Very Sheltered Aberdeenshire Moray Aberdeen City
Langstane Housing Association 01224 423000   https://langstane-ha.co.uk/how-to-apply/ Mainstream Aberdeenshire Moray Aberdeen City
Hanover Housing Association 01343 548585   https://www.hanover.scot/ https://www.homeforyou.org.uk/ Mainstream Sheltered Aberdeenshire Moray Aberdeen City Various Scotland
Grampian Housing Association 0300 123 9279 https://www.grampianhousing.co.uk/en/grampian-housing-association/apply-for-housing www.thesehomes.com Mainstream Aberdeenshire Moray Aberdeen City
Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association 01224 283500 https://www.sanctuary-scotland.co.uk/find-a-home www.thesehomes.com   Mainstream Sheltered Aberdeenshire Aberdeen City Various Scotland
Castlehill Housing Association 01224 628101 or 01224 628119 https://www.castlehillha.co.uk/how-to-apply/ www.thesehomes.com Mainstream Amenity Sheltered Very Sheltered Aberdeenshire Moray Aberdeen City
Blackwood Housing Association 01224 326331 https://www.blackwoodgroup.org.uk/ https://www.blackwoodgroup.org.uk/apply Mainstream Supported Aberdeenshire Moray Aberdeen City Various Scotland
Abbeyfield Scotland 0131 2257801 https://www.abbeyfield-scotland.com/ Very Sheltered Aberdeenshire Various Scotland
Ark Housing Association 0131 4479027 http://www.arkha.org.uk/ http://www.arkha.org.uk/media/2359/housing-application-form-2019.pdf Mainstream Supported Aberdeenshire Moray Aberdeen City Various Scotland
Cairn Housing Association 0800 990 3405   https://www.cairnha.com/ https://www.cairnha.com/find-home/how-to-apply/application-for-housing/ Amenity Retirement Sheltered Aberdeenshire Moray Various Scotland

If you are currently a tenant of any of the landlords above or any other social landlords in the country, you can apply to exchange your property. To register for a mutual exchange, please visit:

https://houseexchange.org.uk/ or contact your current landlord for more information

For immediate Mid Market Rent opportunities, please visit https://createhomesaberdeenshire.com/available-properties